Inspired by the Faust legend, Edward Gorey, and the myth surrounding blues guitarist, Robert Johnson, Al Seed resurrects his on-stage alter ego, The Fooligan, to present The Bridges of Madness – the world’s first 18th century, jazz-blues band – comprising of renowned musicians Emma Smith, David Paul Jones and Davide Rinaldi.

Through songs, poems, soundscape, movement, dance (in the broadest sense), and storytelling the audience is taken on a hilarious theatrical journey, playfully exploring themes of mortality, the supernatural and the nature of evil.

The show is a development of Al Seed’s Herald Angel Award winning solo show, The Fooligan (2008).



Al Seed: The Fooligan / storyteller & ’singer’

The Band / The Bridges of Madness

David Paul Jones: Piano

Davide Rinaldi: Percussion

Emma Smith: Double Bass


Additional music by: Frank Loesser, Shakespeare’s Sister, Sufjan Stevens & The Velvet Underground.


Created with support from: Creative Scotland and Surge.