Since the beginning of November last year four groups of selected Scottish-based theatre artists have been meeting on Monday evenings. Using the knowledge and insights of the other practitioners in the room as a sounding board, they have nurtured and developed their initial creative ideas, presenting short excerpts of their work at manipulate.

Facilitated by leading puppeteer Gavin Glover (A Christmas Carol & The Tin Forest – National Theatre of Scotland) each group’s aim has been to develop those puppet-making and performing skills and expertise most appropriate for their project, with the aspiration that after Testroom they will bring their ideas to full production.

TURNING TIDES Beth Hamilton-Cardus / Scotland

Using Scottish folklore and the Fife coastline as inspiration, allied with object manipulation techniques, I am developing a visual storytelling style and language to create meaningful sensory impact to increase the understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), particularly for neurotypical audiences.

BIG WEE BEE Elspeth Chapman & Sonia Gardes / Scotland

We will explore ways of weaving puppetry and projections with micro-cinema, to create dynamic, textured three-dimensional spaces. Through this we aim to find creative, interactive and multi-sensory ways to tell stories vividly to young audiences.

BASED ON METAMORPHOSIS Lewis Sherlock / Scotland

Using puppetry, physical theatre techniques and object manipulation, a creative exploration which starts from the first line of Kafka’s story: ‘When Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.’

VOLCANO Greg Sinclair, Ann Thallon & Kate Temple / Scotland

We will explore the visualisation and physicalisation of sound, experimenting with the role of objects and their effective manipulation to develop our multi-disciplinary practice to create a production which is fully accessibly to D/deaf audiences.