Pitch is an innovative physical theatre showcase featuring an impressive line-up of established and emerging performers presenting physical theatre, comedy, dance and high drama in development.

Artists perform new or in-development performance pieces using physicality, circus skills, comedy, clowning, drama and music. Pitch is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the physical performance community to explore and discuss new work.

The pieces presented are not finished and need the audience eye and responses to help the artists involved to develop their work and craft, as creators and performers. Surge is a leading developer of physical theatre, circus and street arts in Scotland.




There are two clowns; the first is a Zorro/Robin Hood medieval troubadour and the second is Stalin crossed with a 19th-century circus strongman. One stands for justice and rebellion from below against tyranny, the other is the ultimate ridiculous evil, authority and menace. Justice vs. Injustice. They both have moustaches and they are both idiots.

A series of musical and physical moments. 70’s disco, anarchist songs from the Spanish Civil War injustice, love, political repression and rebellion. Each clown slowly discovers exactly who the other is…


Are you down & troubled? Do you need some love & care? Is nothing going right?

There are far too many of you crying & far too many of you dying. War is not the answer for only love can conquer hate.

Spend some time with Harmony & bathe in an ocean of love, whilst soothing your soul in a sea of self-care.  Harmony is the real deal & will ensure that you leave her presence with the ability to love everyone, even those who you really hate.



Woman or eagle? What does she grow up to be…? Inspired to protect her kind & the wildlands! WILD uses traditional stories and factual references to eagles to question how we live in the natural world today and how much we understand or care about our natural environment. Created by experienced theatre makers, Muriel Ann Macleod and Alexandria Patience, they share skills to present a visually exciting, immersive theatre piece built to provoke the audience to explore their relationship with the natural environment – it uses adult puppetry, verbatim interviews, studio & drone film footage, live music & storytelling.



This explicitly feminist project revolves around a playful exploration of the audience’s expectations of the performer, who is costumed part way between a stripper, and a schoolgirl.  More specifically, this show interrogates the idea of the ‘internalised’ male gaze; delving into the surreal world of misogyny and the way it skews our shared view of social norms, as well as ourselves. What happens when we give this internalised prejudice a voice – a character? What does it mean to be a woman with a man’s voice inside of her?

Thank you to the staff of SURGE: Melanie Jordan, Kirsten Kearney, Alan Richardson, Al Seed Ruth Siller & Karen Veitch.