SOAK Beth Godfrey / Scotland

Stand and be pummelled. Unravel and lay strewn. Be honest and in that burning heat, mend. A woman caught in the act, of re-wilding.


This is my first attempt at a solo show. It’s been a journey in finding my artistic voice, encountering a primordial soup of themes brewing in my gut, each vying for space on stage. Universal ideas around unanswered longing, expressing anger as a woman, around the ways we learn to make ourselves palatable to the world by denying ourselves, what it means to be visible and authentic even if that isn’t tidy. This is the first time I’ve tried to place these things on Earth in a context, with the washing line and the storm. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to Kath Burlinson for her director’s eye and Nicholas Bone of EPAD & Caroline Donald of EIF for their professional support. BROWN NIXON /Only Skin Theatre: Photo credit.


FERGUSON & BARTON Lucy Ireland & Jim Manganello / Scotland

A dance-theatre re-enactment of Hitchcock’s 1958 classic ‘Vertigo’, this is a dark satire of gender norms, modern relationships and obsession.


Supported by: Dance Base, The Work Room, Platform & Creative Scotland.


RENDITION Freda O’Byrne / Scotland

Based on research and testimonies, one man’s chilling and de-humanising experiences as the first suspect to be taken into CIA detention.


Thank you to the following partners and organisations: The Platform Theatre & Matt Addicott, The Rendition Project & Professor Ruth Blakely, Hidden Door Festival, Puppet Animation Scotland & Simon Hart, The Assembly Roxy & Luke Hoxton, Creative Scotland National Lottery, Curious School of Puppetry, North Edinburgh Arts & Kate Wimpress.