Entering a supermarket a nameless woman is in a blue funk… Blue is a shy colour, without ulterior motives. It does not grab the gaze, like yellow or red. A calming colour, blue slows one down. It is a colour which can set you free, the very colour of the soul after it leaves the body, after all the blood sprays out and the innards empty themselves and, once and for all, the furniture of our thoughts escape into the blue… Based on the classic French text, Une Histoire de Bleu, by Jean-Michael Maulpoix.



A Faun is born, a young man riding history, learning to love, to fight and to win. Growing and evolving, he becomes the symbol of an era, a myth, a philosopher, a half-God, seemingly all-powerful and invincible. But this Faun is fated, torn from the Earth he loses miserably, he falls and gets lost in the eternity of night… freely inspired by Mallarme’s L’Après-midi d’un Faune, and Debussy’s symphonic tone poem of the same name.


The celebrated CEC company returns to Scotland, having previously presented Tristissimo with great success at manipulate in 2015, as well as the multi-award wining production Maria Addolarata during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

  • PeurBleu

    30 minutes/
  • Interval

    20 minutes/
  • Don't Be Afraid

    45 minutes/