One artist’s journey from a very poor Polish town to the glamour of Hollywood.

Balbina Bruszewska is a multi award-winning, internationally acclaimed animator, collage artist, film-maker, designer and philosopher. She studied at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, and screen writing in UCLA in Los Angeles.

Throughout her work Bruszewska uses surprising combinations – everyday sounds, pop-culture quotes, bits and pieces of the real world, combined and collaged with a wide variety of animated film techniques. From bitter-sweet travels to open-heart surgery, to a scabrous evocation of her home town – a unique, emotional, and honest story-telling style.

Bruszewska’s world is one of contrasts, where things are light and heavy, beautiful and ugly, hilarious and not at all funny, all at the same time.

Join us to experience Balbina’s work and then talk with her in a Q&A afterwards about an artist’s journey through the absurdity of life.

The Truth About Us, 5′

The City Sails On, 16′

The Wizard of U.S, 25′