Ainslie Henderson

/ Scotland

At four weeks your baby embryo is the size of a poppy seed, tiny, a tidal wave on the horizon. I feel the ground shaking. I’ve been so careful, as careful as a stop-motion animator, freakishly controlling every frame of every moment, a string of relationships in my wake, ending up almost 40, childless and careful, so very careful.

Four months into a new relationship with a girl I barely know. BANG. HELLO. ITS NICE TO MEET YOU. I THINK YOU’RE LOVELY. Sorry, what? Pregnant? Yes… At 17 weeks your baby is the size of a sweet potato. Before you know, it’ll be baby-sized, crying and shitting and full of love and looking at me for answers…

A story told by multi award-winning animator Ainslie Henderson.


Adjust was made with the generous support of Puppet Animation Scotland, and Cove Park



Femmes Film Curators Collective & Hail of Bright Stones

/ Scotland

A unique collaboration inspired by the work of the University of Edinburgh’s own scientific film pioneer Eric Lucey (and with kind permission of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections) whose work has recently resurfaced, gaining attention in both the academic and art world.

This newly edited piece of montage, with accompanying words, music and soundscape created by Hail of Bright Stones, showcases some of Lucey’s mesmerising films. His work enhances our understanding of the world through the manipulation of space and time using innovative film techniques such as time-lapse photography, animation, slow motion, stop-motion and microphotography.