Carlos Santa is an eminent award-winning pioneer of experimental animation in South America and a mentor of many of today’s young Colombian artists. Prominent and active since the early 1990s as an artist, painter and sculptor, The Passenger of the Night (1990), The Dark Forest (1994), and Fragments (2000) are some of his most acclaimed and important films.

Bursting with powerful metaphors, surreal landscapes, and haunting images, Carlos Santa’s imaginative animated films were created within a context of a country ravaged by bloody civil war. They unflinchingly portray the political context of both the philosophical and the day to day struggles of a people living through cruel and relentless conflict. Utilising a wide range of animated film techniques, from rotoscoping to under-the-camera animation, these innovative films dynamically challenge the concepts and grammar of traditional cinema.

Following his films, there will be an audience Q&A with Carlos.

As well as this programme, presented in partnership with Cinemaattic, there is an accompanying exhibition of Carlos’ animation artefacts, a collection of short-films from Colombia, a master class and a double bill of features with the director. For more information visit: