Two intimate one-act table-top puppetry pieces from one of the UK’s leading experimental puppetry companies.

Catmother (45′) an experimental, toy-theatre style re-telling of a scary Victorian children’s tale, set to a live-played double bass score. Bewitching and chilling, it also has an unusual performance feature.


Received an Arts Council of England grant for research & development in 2017. Thank you to Jonathan Best and all the rehearsal ‘Jo’s’.


Les Hommes Vides (25′) is a charming and eerie performance of slapstick puppetry and object theatre, featuring scenes of death-defying plank action, existential angst, poetry and prizes.


Written and devised by Liz Walker & Simon Kerrigan with Arts Council of England funding in 2012. Outside-eye help from Naomi Evans and ‘prize-making’ etching support from West Yorkshire Print Workshop.