manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018 has a variety of ticket options and passes available for the festival at Traverse Theatre. To access these deals to experience as much of the festival as possible, please visit the Traverse website and follow the intructions below:

  • Full Festival Pass £159– automatically deducts from basket when you add the following shows to your basket (maximum 2 per order)
    • Song of the Goat
    • Plastic Heroes
    • Ressacs
    • Achilles
    • PeurBleu & Don’t Be Afraid
    • Off-Kilter
    • Almost Alive
    • Sea Hames
    • The Frog at the Bottom of the Well Believes That the Sky is Round
    • Dal Vivo!
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Clown Cabaret

(Please note that the full festival pass gives you access to all of these performances, but not any animated screenings or snapshots)

  • 3 show pass – 10% discount on full price tickets (automatically deducts from basket – for 3 different shows)
  • 3 Film Pass: £12 (automatically deducts from basket – for 3 different films)
  • Film Festival Pass: £35 (automatically deducts from basket)

Alongside the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival ticket offers, the Traverse Theatre  have a number of ticket options year round, which all apply during manipulate:

  • Full price; T1: £17 / T2: £14
  • Standard concession / Students: T1: £14 / T2: £11
  • Other concession £9

Don’t miss out on these offers to make the most of the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2018.