Mr Brin d’Avoine has an eclectic collection of treasured objects. His home is a refuge, a complete imaginary and ornately intricate world. Two man-servants welcome you into his house. On entering you will leave your usual place as a mere spectator and become a privileged visitor in an intriguing and dreamlike house.

All of us are filled with the memories and early experiences of our first home, our earliest playground and a place of daydreams which never leaves us. Home is the place that influences the building of our spatial and emotional selves. Within a specially created performance space containing delicate and immersive installations, evocative film, redolent music and poetic soundscapes, travel with our humorous and charming guides to the emotional heart of the meaning and significance of home in all our lives.

One of France’s greatest and most influential visual and object theatre companies. Vélo Thèâtre has been creating intimate, beautiful and poetic worlds for its audiences since 1981. Its work has been seen and acclaimed all over the world. This is the company’s third visit to manipulate, having previously presented Appel D’Air and And Then He Ate Me which great success.