A one-day practical workshop during which internationally renowned dance artist Sabine Molenaar will offer different tools of improvisation and composition which she uses in her creation process.

Starting by using visualisation and breathing to connect mind and body, and stimulate the imagination, Sabine’s methodology and exercises will create a nourishing ground for researching states of mind and emotion, and their corresponding physical qualities.

Sabine will share the following techniques: to keep learning from and about the body by listening and exploring; to prevent boredom and habitual responses when an everyday creativity and fully-awakened mind is required; to nurture an inspired and disciplined mind which then can expand the physical capacities of your body; and to create surprising directions of movement and choreography by the transformation of rhythms, space and the body.

As well as leading this workshop, acclaimed dance artist Sabine Molenaar returns to manipulate with her third solo, having performed That’s It and Touch Me at previous festivals. Sabine’s intense and distinctive cross-disciplinary work, incorporating dance, brilliantly inventive physicality, film and photography, has won her significant international recognition and we are very pleased to present Almost Alive this year, on Thursday 1 February.