Since the beginning of October last year the following five groups of selected Scottish theatre artists have been meeting on Monday evenings. Their brief: to use the other practitioners in the room as a sounding board to nurture and develop their initial creative ideas. Facilitated by leading puppeteer Gavin Glover, the accent from start to finish was on showing, not telling. The aim: for each group to present 3-5 minutes of work at manipulate.


A Great Hall By the Sea / Naomi O Kelly

The early stages of a radical re-interpretation of a W B Yeats play, experimenting with storytelling, animation of objects and images, dance, shadow theatre, text, music, music videos and projected film.


Caitlin Jo 4 Eva / Lynda Radley & Nick Bone

Focusing on the interaction between puppet and performer, an exploration of the challenges faced by a teenage girl having been adopted as a young child.


Pan / Fergus Dunnet

An exploration through large scale puppetry of how consciously and unconsciously our primal fears affect the decisions we make and the actions we take in our lives.


Shutter / Ellie Griffiths

Inspired by naff baby photo shoots and child beauty pageants, the early stages of the creation of a table top production for young audiences using puppetry, collage and live-feed projection of miniature worlds.


The Time Machine / Caitlin Skinner & Melanie Jordan

Experiments, using puppetry and object manipulation, in the creation of the Eloi and Morlocks characters in H G Wells novel, for a planned production in 2017.


Testroom is a Puppet Animation Scotland programme created with support from the National Theatre Of Scotland.