Actors tread “the boards” of the stage. What are the boards of a puppet’s performance world? How can those “boards” become an asset to the puppet? These are questions that we address in this workshop.

We tend to take it for granted that puppets move on flat surfaces, but those surfaces give us very little to work with, except the puppet itself. Why use a table for your stage, when you can use a wheel, or a tightrope? This workshops explores ways of raising the stakes for your puppets, by creating an interaction between the puppet and the terrain upon which is stands. The term, “table-top puppet” may never be the same!

This three-day, hands-on puppetry workshop is led by one of the USA’s best-known and respected puppeteers, Eric Bass. Since 1982 he and his internationally acclaimed, award-winning company Sandglass Theater have toured puppetry productions successfully throughout the world.

Sandglass Theater regularly performs in its own 60-seat renovated barn theatre in Putney, Vermont, which is also the centre each summer for its renowned two-week intensive puppetry training programme. During manipulate 2015 Eric presented his legendary production Autumn Portraits.