In a perfect suburban setting on manicured lawns, gingham as chic and the wild excesses of 1950’s rock and roll, three neighbours gather for the funeral of a goat, a victim of a heinous crime. The culprit is still at large…

A tiny but universal tragedy, played by three comedians and a crazy musician. An acerbic, funny, bitter-sweet tale that questions: is life worth living? Does love really exist? Is revenge a dish better served hot or cold? And how much is the love of a goat really worth?

Combining humorous, poetic object theatre and highly-skilled clowning, this tragicomic story describes how a new neighbour with harmless differences can unknowingly shatter fragile surface harmonies which shelter much darker tones, a cautionary tale about the illusory lure of contemporary consumer society… starring a goat.

Since 2003 Compagnie à, one of France’s leading ensembles, has created brilliantly funny and challenging productions which, behind the humour and play, explore the social and political contexts within which we live through the absurdities and nonsense of everyday life. Over the past five years Song of the Goat has been presented to great acclaim throughout Europe.