CONFIRM YOUR HUMANITY Lewis Sherlock / Scotland

A visual theatre performance which tells a personal story of one man’s exploration into living like a cyborg in this age of smart technology.


Thank you to Alima Askew, Bevis Evans-Teusch, Andrew Simpson, Surge, Conrad Veidt, Hilary Westlake and Robert Wiene for your input and support.


LUCID Selina Mallè / Scotland

We regularly wake up with residual memories of our dreams. Looking more closely, perhaps there is more than meets the eye. Sometimes the most important tests are in our dreams.


Selina Malle trained as an actor for three years before going onto Simon Abbots Physical Theatre course at Summerhall. I am currently on Masters course in Acting (Classical and Contemporary text) at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I am keen to devise and direct new work in Scotland.

Toby Jeffries trained at the MGA Academy of Performing Arts before continuing further training at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris, now working between Edinburgh, London and Paris.

Jenny Quinn, a recent graduate from The MGA Academy of Performing Arts, played lead role ‘Annie’ in a sell- out run of ‘Antigone na h’Eireann’ at Edinburgh Fringe which tours this year around the UK.

Ali J Kerr, 2016 Frantic Ignition graduate, is in the midst of creating his own work with a traditional ‘pub folk’ theme in mind, having  recently taken the first steps towards creating a theatre company with several projects underway.

Sophie Lippiatt began performing at a young age at a youth theatre in Fife, after which she trained on the MGA Academy of Performing Arts’ 2018 acting course.

Michael Johnson started acting at 16, went on to train at Fife college  and Summerhall, specialising in acting and physical theatre respectively. He recently appeared in The Network’s production of ‘Snowflake’ and The NTS Futureproof festival.

Ben Taylor-Muir trained at the MGA Academy where, alongside acting, he worked as musical director & composer for a number of shows and has since worked with Frantic Assembly as part of their Ignition Program and continues to compose and devise.


TULLA Iain McClure / Scotland

A piece about the artist Edvard Munch’s love affair with Tulla Larsen. Constructed as a play, it takes Munch’s never-performed puppet theatre piece, The City of Free Love, as its core.


Thank you to Louis Abbott, Simon Abbott, Michael Boyd, Rebecca Burton, Hazel Ann Crawford, George Docherty, manipulate Visual Theatre Festival, Simon Hart, Linn Sunniva Hoglund, Frank Hoifodt, Lasse Jacobsen, Dominique Jambert, Jannah Main, Vincent Mangado, Nicola McCartney, Gerry Mulgrew, Morven Mulgrew, The Munch Museum, Helena Palsson, Vivien Reid, Creative Scotland, Puppet Animation Scotland, Eirini Skouta, Callum Smith, Nordland Visual Theatre (Norway), Sivert Thue, Tron Theatre, Josh Whitelaw, Gerd Woll & Nick Wong.