This year the Curious School of Puppetry – a dynamic, short full-time course which nurtures the development of excellence in puppetry performance in the UK – is based in Edinburgh. Three of its recent graduates present examples of their work created during their training.



Ella Mackay/Scotland

A burlesque-inspired hand-tease celebrating the fluidity, versatility and down-right sexy movement a hand can perform. Small appendage… big bravado!



Emma King/Scotland

Don’t be nervous, it’s perfectly safe! An enthusiastic and keen-as-mustard keeper introduces us to one of the rare and exotic animals in her charge.



Freda O’Byrne/Scotland

Based on research and testimonies, one man’s chilling and de-humanising experiences as the first suspect to be taken into CIA detention.


We invite you to one of five self-contained events duringĀ manipulate within which Scottish-based performance artists present a flavour of their current creative explorations and experiments.