In 1984 two Clydesdale horses jumped the gate of their field and charged down to the beach at Bilia Croo on Orkney. Standing up on their hind hooves they danced and strutted in the low mid-summer sun. Using this striking image as inspiration, the rituals of horse, land and sea inspire the visual and aural poetry of Sea Hames, its choreography and ritual responding to the power and permanence of Scotland’s natural heritage and folkloric identity.

Sea Hames is a celebration of Orkney’s Festival of the Horse ancient traditions of ploughing contests and arcane rural ritual. This innovative multi-disciplinary performance fuses eclectic sonic composition, compelling performance and intricate costume to explore the mythology and iconography of the horse, the earth and the sea.

Oceanallover is one of Scotland’s leading performance companies, creating site-specific work for a great variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Visually arresting and philosophically stimulating, the company’s work makes use of original and innovative costume design, gripping theatricality and evocative music to create emotional and memorable performative events.