A war is about to begin, now is the time for men to become heroes. But the soldiers are plastic, the battlefield’s a table, and home is just a distant image on a screen.

In a combat zone with no clear enemy or goal, the border between reality and fantasy starts to blur: is all this really happening, or is it all just a game? Violence, desire, hate and fear are put on the table as children’s toys are brought to life, and the innocence of child-like play encounters the bleeding reality of an adult war.

Combining a variety of object manipulation techniques, video technology and dynamic characterisation, Plastic Heroes presents challenging, funny and fast-paced collages of war and conflict, using bought off the shelf children’s toys.

After a childhood obsession with puppetry making and performing, Ariel Doron studied the art form in Israel and France. He has presented his work at major festivals in over twenty countries around the world with great success and regularly teaches in leading international performing arts institutions.