The shimmering heat of tropical hills, and the purring and humming of plains set the scene for a young woman’s journey as she strives to reconnect with her identity and the world in which she lives. Caught in an elaborate game of call and response with a shape-shifting being which only comes to life at night, the woman struggles to find her echo in a world of repetition.

Inspired by an artist residency in Sri Lanka and featuring elements of local folk songs, Make A HOO combines vivid sonic environments with striking projected imagery and dynamic physicality to weave together the story of a day and a night in the life of this young woman – an embodied exploration of loss, identity and environmental instability. Modern folklore with a symphonic twist.

Sita Pieraccini is an actor, singer and theatre artist based in Scotland, with a background in visual art and music. During 2016 Sita presented her first solo piece Bird at manipulate and the production was also a part of the Made In Scotland programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.