Using simple, everyday objects and light Flop creates before our eyes an enigmatic and thought-provoking world. A succession of potent and beautiful images invite us to reflect upon those primal connections and relationships – to home, to loved-ones, and the world around us – which make us who we are.

An immersive, allusive and poetic piece, living on the cusp of performance art, cinema, theatre, and painting, Dal Vivo! shows us the mechanics of creativity where between light, objects, projection and their interplay we can create our own, personal narratives. Light takes on a multi-coloured, textured, almost corporeal quality, enabling us to re-examine the mysteries of our inner and outer worlds and how we reconcile our dreams with our realities.

In parallel with his career as creator, performer and director with the acclaimed performance art ensemble Group ZurFlop has been making and presenting solo work throughout Europe since 2004, exploring light and its use as an expressive theatrical medium in its own right.