A fantasia of becoming an action hero?

Can the show always go on, no matter how full one’s hands get?

Perhaps a champion will emerge if the fates allow?

Or will dark temptation vampirishly vacuum the dreams of a clown?

And scatter them sheepishly before an ominous telephonic tone?

What does it all mean…!?!

A mischievous melange of contemporary clowning and physical comedy with a dark delicious dash of bouffon to round off manipulate, a delightfully daft evening with some of Scotland’s finest clowns.

These hand-picked Clown Cabaret favourites are all looking for the place a clown loves best, to be in front of an audience. Allow them to test their funny upon your frown and unleash their wild and wonderful dreams and fantasies on you!


The Weird Sisters
The Weird Sisters hold your life threads in their hands. They see into your past, help you find your lost keys and unravel the mysteries of your future.

Produced by Tenterhooks, which makes theatre in public spaces, interactive performances and wild play. Recent work includes Call of Nature (outdoor adventure for families; touring across Scotland), Werewomen (street walkabout; Surge Festival, Physical Fest) and Are You Going UP? (site-specific adventure for National Museum of Scotland; Edinburgh International Children’s Festival) tenterhooks.org


Bête Noire

Parr lives in an attic. Parr encountered a dust bunny the other day in the attic and nearly had a heart attack. Parr has a hard time living life. Parr is not of this world. Parr lives on the fringe. The fringe suits Parr. Please don’t phone Parr.

Ruxandra Cantir is a Moldova-born, US-trained, Scotland-based physical theatre maker, performer, and clown. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre from Dell’Arte International (California). Ruxy creates character-driven and movement-centred pieces that use the human body to explore the absurd, the unusual, and the unexpected in life. www.ruxandracantir.com


Bat Lady

Welcome to the world of Bat Lady where her introverted misanthrope nature doesn’t need more than loneliness. The voices in her head cannot be silenced, the flutter of her imaginary pet animals is a beacon of light in her grim life, and the figure of Dracula is the fulfilment of her humanity.

Pina Polar set up her company in 2014 in Berlin. Ever since she has been performing on street festivals, cabarets, varieties and theatre stages all around the Europe. Always fascinated by the body expression and new circus when arriving in the clown universe, she fell in love and stayed there.


La Divina

The orchestra is ready, make-up is fabulous, hair looks great… just the last finishing touch for the big night…a clown act about body acceptance and the trouble and joy of having big breasts.

Warning: Contains breasts

Lisette Boxman has worked as a freelance performer and designer in Scotland since 2009. She has been a Board Member of Puppet Animation Scotland and is Creative Director of horsedrawn traveling circus Elsewhere. Lisette combines Puppetry, Mask Play, Dance, Circus, Singing, Music and Clown together in her own cartoon-esque style. www.elsewhere.events



A sentimental sheep seeks a suitor. Through exploration, disappointment, and discovery, she finds that true love lies within and beauty is only skin deep.

Glasgow born, Berlin based Physical-theatre Performer, Clown and Puppeteer (Certificate, Adam Smith College, 2009), and Projection Animator (Ba/Hons, DOJCAD, 2007), Calum MacAskill currently works for The Clowndoctors of Hearts&Minds, Edinburgh, and can also be found on the Scottish and Berlin Cabaret circuit creating dark and seductive acts as Jack Squat.


Misleading Man

In a world where dark forces abound only one man can save civilisation as we know it. It’s the year twenty nineteen. And somewhere, somehow, someone’s gonna pay…

Cooper and Biff are theatre makers/clowns/drag kings creating work that questions masculinity, sexuality and celebrates queer identity. They were awarded the Surge street theatre bursary in 2018 for Oasissy, a queer Oasis tribute act, which has been performed at Merchant City Festival in Glasgow, Royal Vauxhall Tavern and The Glory in London and Plan B in New York. ‘Misleading Man’ won third place at Man Up – the world’s biggest Drag King competition – and was further developed with support from Clown Cabaret Scratch Night and dramaturgical support from Deanna Fleysher (USA).


Iain Hodgetts – BSL

Iain Hodgetts is a fully qualified and registered BSL/English Interpreter, with experiences of many domains of work but for the last five years focusing and specialising in BSL integration within the performing arts sector. Having a background in performance and creative training himself; he is really keen on physical and clowning style work.

Clown Cabaret

Melanie Jordan is a performer, director and theatre maker based in Glasgow. Melanie is Physical Theatre Practitioner with Surge, co-Artistic Director of multi-award-winning physical theatre company Jordan & Skinner and is currently a Fellow with Barbican and ArtWorks Alliance. Melanie is currently performing in Nino by Tidy Carnage. www.melanie-jordan.weebly.com

Tim Licata is an actor, director and teacher. He is artistic director of Plutôt la Vie Theatre Company and part-time Lecturer in Movement at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he also teaches Clown, Slapstick and movement workshops. Tim is a Clowndoctor and Elderflower practitioner with Hearts& Minds.  www.plutotlavie.org.uk

Saras Feijóo is a Creativity and Productivity Coach and Strategist, a Performance Curator and Artist, and the Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Clown Festival. www.sarasfeijoo.com .