Every day, we are exposed to a never-ending blast of information and impressions. Sometimes it would be good to put this never-ending flow of stimuli on hold, if only for a little while, so you could catch your breath and feel your own heartbeat again. But, shutting your eyes and ears, you find that images and impressions keep reappearing inside your head, and the echoes of a multitude of voices and sounds never stop resonating.

What would happen if you could withdraw from the turmoil of the outside world and enter a timeless and boundless inner world? Moving further from reality and towards that dark place, where shelter and true peace of mind await, could be so attractive. Yet chaos and disorientation may also lurk in this shadowy universe.

Having presented That‘s It and Touch Me at previous festivals, acclaimed dance artist Sabine Molenaar returns to manipulate with her third solo. Sabine’s intense and distinctive cross-disciplinary work, incorporating dance, inventive physicality, film and photography, has won her significant international recognition and we are very pleased to present Almost Alive this year.