sing goddess

sing the rage of achilles

that sent down to darkness so many souls

making their bodies carrion

for the birds and dogs to tear

and their families wait forever for their coming home.

The myth of Achilles is re-imagined in this heart-stopping, dynamically physical solo performance created and performed by Ewan Downie. The story of the greatest hero of the Greeks during the long and bloody Trojan War: how his best friend is killed by the champion of the Trojans, his desperate grief, and his terrible vengeance. In a powerful fusion of storytelling, physicality, dance and song, Achilles is the story of one man’s exorcism: a burning out of his vulnerability, his rage, and his humanity.

Company of Wolves is Scotland’s only laboratory theatre ensemble, led by Ewan Downie and Anna Porubcansky. Using elements of theatre, dance, music and improvisation the company drafts, through experimentation and exploration, unique and compelling pieces which speak directly to the times in which we live. The company presented its ensemble piece, The End of Things, during manipulate 2017.