• Testroom at manipulate 2019

    In 2016 Puppet Animation Scotland, with support from the National Theatre of Scotland, created Testroom as a creative development opportunity for Scottish-based artists. Based in Glasgow and run by leading puppeteer Gavin Glover, Testroom offers artists of any discipline the opportunity to explore initial creatives ideas which aim to place, at their heart, elements of live puppet and object manipulation. Participants of Testroom 2018 will share their work in progress every year on the stage of manipulate Visual Theatre Festival at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh (Monday 4 February, 6pm) and the Tron Theatre in Glasgow (Tuesday 12 February, 8pm).

  • Transmographiles at manipulate 2019: Meet emerging theatre company Hopeful Monster.

    Part of the new Rising Voices programme is Transmographiles, created by emerging company Hopeful Monster, the collaboration between three artists from different countries, working between Glasgow and London. We spoke to the team about the origin of Hopeful Monster, creating Transmographiles, and their future project.

  • Rising Voices: a new Platform for Early-career Practitioners, an interview with Simon Hart

    The year 2019 promises to be an exciting one for manipulate Festival. Alongside a thrilling line-up of world-leading theatre and animated films, we will present new work-in-progress from Testroom and Snapshots, and workshops presented by renowned puppeteers and performers. “manipulate is very successful at presenting the initial creative ideas of Scottish-based artists” says our Artistic Director, Simon Hart. “We also programme many full productions – often premieres – made by leading Scottish-based artists and companies such as Al Seed, Melanie Jordan, Vox Motus, Tortoise in a Nutshell, Mele Broomes and Company of Wolves.” But the 12th edition of the festival will also bring a lot of novelty, with various new programming strand and events, such as Rising Voices. “I wanted to create a showcase platform midway between the start of a creative journey of exploration and its end when an artist is ready to present a complete and finished piece of work.”

  • Afterthoughts by Marketing Placement Kimberly

    Big Bird, Kermit, Miss Piggy: it’s not uncommon for these characters to come to mind when thinking of puppets. That is, unless you’ve ever attended Puppet Animation Scotland’s manipulate Festival at the Traverse Theatre. As a Canadian student studying Arts, Festival, and Cultural Management at Queen Margaret University, I got the oppertunity to work with […]

  • Festival Highlights

    I’m writing about my experience of manipulate Visual Theatre Festival, as one of the little placement people pottering about, attempting to help Puppet Animation Scotland remain sane inamongst the beautiful chaos of a festival and have everything running as smoothly as a glass of Baileys (a bottle just gets messy). So here I am working […]